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    Gradient feather not recognized, doesn't copy

    Rob Ehle

      When copying a group of objects from one InDesign doc to another, I lost the gradient feather that was in one of the boxes. When I went back to the original document to see why this happened, it appeared that although the gradient was plainly there, it wasn't showing as one in the Effects list. It also wasn't showing as a blue-to-white gradient anywhere. And it wasn't covered by a something on top of it with a gradient feather.* I can move the box around, and the gradient still shows. But copying it from one document to another, the box loses its gradient.


      I wondered if it were a version issue. The original document was ID CS5.5 and the document I was pasting it into is CC 2015. But when I opened the original document in CS5.5, it was the same problem.


      I can of course just re-apply a gradient feather in the new document. Unfortunately, there's nowhere I can see the exact information for where I started and ended it.


      If anyone has a guess on what's happening, I'm grateful. And if it's obvious, I'm stupid. This is my second question this week to the forums, after months toodling along just fine. Maybe something's in the air.






      *In the Layers list in one of the screen shots, you can see there are two rectangles. The one on top isn't feathered. It's a small unfilled box with a hairline rule.