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    PDF Export Question


      Really like XD so far.  Simple but can create quite a bit with the basic tools, and love some of the features that are geared towards mock ups...


      Is there an easy way to resize an dartboard?  When I change the dimensions of an artboard it crops the image.  I've tried grouping all the elements and using the corner anchor to resize, but not everything scales (e.g. borders don't adjust).  I am new to vector graphics so maybe I am not looking at this the right way.  I am creating icons for an iOS app.  At 1x I need them to be 20x20 px.  But concerned if I create the artboards at 20x20 and one day need them to be a different size there is no way to change the dimensions.  Appreciate anyone's advise as this may not be a specific question/issue with XD but more due to the fact that I am new to working with Vector graphics.  I want to export as PDFs and use them in the app, and I can create them as 20x20 pixel artboards, but it seems like it is locking me into that size and curious if there is a workflow people use that I am missing, or a way to resize an artboard cleanly.




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          elainecc Adobe Employee

          Hi pedz55-


          You can resize the artboard by selecting it (either clicking on the artboard title or double clicking on the artboard), then resizing it. However, if I understand correctly, you want your vector assets to resize as you resize the artboard, right? That's a completely different question.


          I think your best bet is to group your icon on the artboard. You can then rescale them however you want to by resizing the group. You'll probably still hit some issues with the borders being the wrong size if you scale that way, so you may need to adjust them afterward.


          Here's an example of how I resized:




          Hope that helps!



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            pedz55 Level 1

            Thanks for the reply appreciate, that make sense.  I had discovered that but wanted to make sure that was the best way of doing it.  Thanks for your help.



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              elainecc Adobe Employee

              No problem! Good luck, and let us know if you have any other questions.