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    How do you restore drawings?

    how so you restore drawin



      Today I got a new phone and had to transfer all of my apps from my old phone onto this one which included Adobe Illustrator Draw. Once the apps had downloaded I logged into my account for Adobe Draw and none of my drawings were there. I would really like to get them back if anyone could help.




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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Sami,


          I just responded to your in-app feedback but posting my response here as well.


          Between what you told me through the in-app feedback, and what you've posted here, I've been able to piece together what might be happening. So, a few things I'd like you to check:

          * Make sure you're logged in to the same account you used when you created the work. Many people have more than one account and if you sign in to the app with another email address, you won't see the work you created in an alternate one.

          * It sounds like you just got a new device, so it's very possible that your work just has not had a chance to sync to it yet from Creative Cloud. Please log in to http://assets.adobe.com (My Assets - Mobile Creations - Draw) and check to see if your work is there.

          * I can't see any of your device information, so please tell me what device you're using, what operating system and version, what version of Draw you're using and, most importantly, how much free storage space you have on your device.


          Let me know what you find.