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    Artifacts in export and when Dynamically linked in PPro

    Stephen Pickering122 Level 1

      I upgraded to CC 2015.3 today, only to have a client need a revision on a project from an earlier version.  The project has a couple of morph cuts which Premiere Pro 2015.3 will NOT export (seems to be a bug many other ran into as well).  I gave up on those.  The project also has several Dynamically linked AE comps.  I opened those comps in AE to be sure they were updated with the current AE and they seem to play fine.  However, when I render the video either in Premiere Pro OR in AE I consistently get horizontal artifacts that randomly appear directly in AE and in the Dynamically Linked comps in Premiere Pro.  They don't appear in previews but are certainly there during rendering.


      Any ideas on what I should try? Attached is a screen grab of a rendered clip.  There was a logo in the center that I removed after the fact (just because it's a low-key client at the moment).


      Thank you,