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    Multiple Audio Tracks for Single Video

      How difficult would it be to have a Flash video controller that would allow the user to select a specific track for a single .flv file? For example, having spanish and english voice over tracks for a particular video file. I'd like to have this functionality in an embedded video, ideally having it be a "skin" that could be selected in Dreamweaver when inserting Flash video.

      I'm more of a video guy than a Flash one, just trying to get a handle of the scope of this project. If anyone has a solution already built (or can build it easily), please private me.
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          2m Level 2
          I don't think that flash-video supporte mulitple soundtracks wtihin one clip, bout i'm not sure about it (wouldnt think it too wise to go that way anyhow, as you would have to download the extra language without needing it)

          The task itself seems easy enoug, but the solution I'd recomend would be dependene on some curcunstaces.

          If is't for online presentation I'd probbly just make two videos and deside which one to stream according to the selected laguage. In case you dont have enough space to serve (cd) you could just make a vidoe without sound and start an mp3 according to user selection very easy, syncing could become a problem, but should be solvable, if it's just voice-over it shouldnt be a problem, if it has to be lipsysnc (hard enough with diffternt languages anyhow) il will be a bit mor trick, but then I'd go for solution one.

          Flash-technicalites shouldn't be a problem at all, but as allway it's the details that would matter - especially the level of automation required.