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    Relinking - drag drop vs Relink from drop down

    Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      This is an annoyance for me and I just don't remember how to fix it. I've searched for the answer but alas I cannot find.


      When I drag and drop from Mac OS to insert an image into an existing placeholder, the image is not placing in the same position. However, when I choose Relink from the links panel and select the image it places perfectly.


      For example, I have an image where part of it needs to be coloured yellow. I open the image, I colour the part yellow. And I rename the file to <filename_filled.ai>, as an example.


      I have that Finder window open and I drag and drop the image from the finder - the image is placed off center.


      When I use the Relink option (which is slower for me) it relinks in the exact same position.