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    Can i get a previous version of after effects?


      After effects cc 2015.3 is awful and i cannot edit anything on it, it is too laggy and the audio never plays right during the preview pls help


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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          For me, the latest version of AE (13.8.1) has been the best version of AE for a long time. I would like to help you get it working well on your system too.


          Could you please be more specific as to the issues you are experiencing? After Effects is not video editing software, so if you're trying to edit with it, it will be a bad experience. You should edit with Premiere Pro. It's much, much faster for that kind of thing.


          If, however, you really just want to get an older version of AE, you can download them via the Creative Cloud app. Your CC subscription includes CS6, CC, CC 2014, and CC 2015 in addition to the current version (CC 2015.3 - the 2016 release of AE).