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    Keyboard doesn't close and loses connection.


      Hi guys,


      Having an issue just now with input boxes and the keyboard in phonegap. the issue only appears on apple devices; it's fine on Android. We have a simple login application with two input boxes:


      Now, when we enter a correct username and password, the keyboard disappears and the app moves on. The quirk seems to be when incorrect credentials are used. The keyboard remains on the screen, and the cursor remains in the last box you typed into. However, pressing any of the keyboard keys has no effect on the box. Selecting the other credential input also has the same effect. You have to close the manually close the keyboard and re-tap on one of the boxes.


      I have tested this on multiple iPhones and iPads with the same effect. When I run the site directly in a browser rather than through phonegap it works as expected; The keyboard closes and an error message is displayed. I've tried calling blur() on the input boxes on touchstart and touchend events and have tried focusing on the login button when submitting but they seem to have no effect.


      Has anyone seen this before? If you need more info let me know.