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    Can't view by filename


      I added an additional site to my CF9 server.  The main site works perfectly.  The new site partially works.


      I created a test page, index.cfm, that displays today's date.

      If I visit mysite.cfm it displays the date.

      If I visit mysite.cfm/index.cfm I get a 404 error.


      Is there something I need to change in IIS?


      Please keep in mind I am not a server person or a programmer, just someone who gets to play with their departments site.


      Thank you

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          haxtbh Level 4

          If you add another site you will need to run the Web Server Configuration again. This will create all the necessary connections between your web server and Coldfusion.


          You can find the web server config tool either in the start menu when coldfusion is or in the C:\Coldfusion9\cfusion\runtime\bin\wsconfig.exe


          Once you add the site and the connecter has done its job it should work as expected.

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            bloodbanker Level 1

            First off THANK YOU!!!!!!! 


            Second, I lied, I was on CF9, moving the site to CF10 and was testing it.  It seems to be working now.