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    Autocreating TOC for Linked Word documents

    prhmusic2 Level 2

      In a brand-new project, I've linked to 16 Word documents. I have dragged each of them to the "System_Information" folder within RoboHelp so that I can drag that folder to the TOC designer and recreate the TOC after I update a Word document. I created the screen capture below after I dragged the "System_Information" folder from the left into the TOC designer. Notice that the book for "Telephone System (NEC)" is created at the bottom of the TOC instead of between the "OnBase" and "VOALTE" books. My observation was that the TOC was creating the TOC in alpha order, but perhaps that's incorrect?


      I then deleted "Telephone System (NEC).docx" from my project, including all the HTML files. I went to the directory that contains that Word document and renamed it and then re-linked it to the RoboHelp project. When I dragged the folder to the TOC designer, it put the book at the bottom of the TOC:


      Is there a reason why the TOC isn't matching up with the folder structure?


      This is more annoying than anything else, but maybe there's someone who has seen this behavior and found a remedy.