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    New Director?

      It`s 2006 and the last version of Director is from 2004. Is it a dead program? At least, they should say so if it`s true. It was and still is a very good program, but if it isn`t developed any more...
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          Oh joy. Another Director is dead thread. Do you just want to listen to
          yourself whine, do you like spreading FUD, or do you just not read?
          Director has always had a long time between versions. Macromedia has
          never released any information about upcoming versions until the new
          version is ready to be released. Adobe has always been the same about
          most of its products. The Project Manager for Director (Tom Higgins)has
          repeatedly stated ("unofficially")- on his blog, on Director mailing
          lists, and verbally on the Director podcast that Director is being
          worked on, with a focus on adapting it to work better in the new Intel
          Macs, among other things. There is a Director team at Adobe. No, there
          has been no "official" roadmap published by Adobe. There have been no
          press releases. As I said earlier, though, that is in no way unusual.

          There was an update to Director, both Authoring and Shockwave a few
          weeks ago to address concerns about Flash and Quicktime issues. It is
          clearly still being developed.

          Director will not be dead until people stop using it. As long as it is
          useful (and I must say that is it still very useful), it will still be
          alive and kicking.

          People have been on this stupid "Director is dead" kick since sometime
          around when Director 7 came out (probably before, but that's when I
          started paying attention). If you want a bit of good fun, google
          "Director is dead" to see the load of people who have posted the exact
          same question as you for years, with the same response as this. Let's
          take bets on how long it will take for someone else to post the same
          question. I'd give it 3 days. Any takers?

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            Mike Blaustein wrote:

            > Let's take bets on how long it will take for someone else to post the same
            > question. I'd give it 3 days. Any takers?

            Only 3 days huh? Well it does seem to come in spurts.Not long ago, the
            question was asked 3 times, within about a week or so (Director basics). Now
            am just saying - go listen to Tom at:

            Anyway, I say 7 days, just enough time to have a few posts between this one
            and the next.. Or is your bet covering all the Director forums?


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              Director Lives On!
              Esoteric websites say.
              Noobies should know that


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                >>Esoteric websites say.

                I'm not sure that's a good thing though....

                Dave -
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                  since there are clear signs that there will be a future for director, shockwave3D there could be a discussion started on how to make it bigger in the minds of endusers.

                  One of Directors big advantages is, to be a tool that can a lot of different things. Sometimes there are interesting outputs that are not really commercial but interesting for a wide range of people.
                  (found that somewhere on the internet...)

                  Projects like this are some sort of "viral-marketing" for installing the shockwave plugIn. These things can demonstrate the power of shockave and how they can generate interesting expieriences.

                  The problem is, nobody will pay or invest a lot of time into projects that only have the purpose to make the shockwave plugIn strong.Similar problem happend a few years ago with the integration of videos in websites. There were questions about the codec and if a user can be forced to install a certain media-player, if the bandwith is good enough... Not many companys invested in things that can only be accessed by a minority of people. Today you can find a lot of video on the web.

                  Same happens with shockwave at the moment. Some companys try to sell shockwave, but don't use it on their own websites, because they do not want to make a potential client go through the installation process. The reason for not using shockwave is that it's not that wide spread like flash. Yes, think the flash people are allways happy to point this out...

                  Maybe there is just a need to push shockave and director a littel bit.There is a lot of potential for director and shockwave/shockave3D.It would be interesting to launch a project that aims on producing standard shockwave components that can be integrated into every website without knowing anything about director. (examples: customizable videoplayer, imagegallerys, shockwave3D viewer , peer to peer chat...)

                  If people can find some usefull shockwave components on the web, and be able to integrate them into their websites for free, would be a silent way to make the plugIn stronger. If the number of shockwave Installations goes up, it will become easier to sell shockawave and director for online and offline things. And could stop discussions every few weeks about the death of director...

                  (this is something done with flash, think its not only interesting for flash people: http://abum.com/file/shadow/animations/17632.swf)

                  best regards!