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    My CC subscription appears as expired, and I cannot work.


      My subscription appears as expired since last friday, but the expiration date is aug 17th. You charged my credit card in jul 17th. (Also your Account manager does not show a button to renew the subscription - it's a bug). I contacted your support via chat, they told me that it's a system error, sent to technical area as priority, etc etc, but I cannot work. After 1 week and several calls to support, the answer is always the same - you have to wait and there's nothing more to do.


      I asked for a help to use the CC and they suggested me to use a trial or make a new paid subscription. It's a shame. A big company as Adobe hasn't a decent customer support. I need to work. I'm loosing money because after 1 week Adobe cannot solve my problem.


      You are good to charge my credit card on the same day and take my money, but cannot fix the problem on your system? And hide yourself behind chat systems that can’t do much. Solve my problem immediately!


      Case number 0219354041