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    Editing images on a wide gamut display, looking dull on normal gamut displays.

    Andreas Sch.

      Hi all,


      I am somewhat experienced in the world of photography, but when it comes to color management, I regularly get lost. Hence, my question.


      First my setup. A Mac Book Pro 15 2015 with Retina display and a Dell U2413 wide gamut display. Both are calibrated with an X-Rite i1Display at 160 cd/m*m with the standard setting, which is Adobe RGB if I am not mistaken.


      First question is: Is 160 cd/m*m too high, to get results looking normal on other monitors? I first set it up to 120 cd/m*m, but it looked to dark...


      Second, the main question:

      I took a 25 seconds exposure last night, out in the mountains. An orange tent in front of a dark forest and a good section of the sky full of stars. The moon lit up the tent, which gave a very nice color. I imported the RAW image, edited it to my liking and exported it as sRGB jpeg at 90% quality.


      When I watch it now on the wide gamut display, it looks same as in Lightroom, but on laptop's display, it looks dull. I opened the image in Safari and the in German  "Vorschau" called app, the standard image viewer of the finder.  Shouldn't it be the other way round? In my understanding it should look the same on the laptop's display and have screaming colors on the wide gamut display.


      Or does this mean, my monitor is not calibrated to AdobeRGB? If it where calibrated to sRGB, then it should look similar on both displays, in my understanding.


      I hope somebody here can lighten me up!


      Thanks for your effort.