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    Re: change prel to AVI


      I'm using Window 7 and PE 14.  I have a similar problem burning a disc to play as AVI.    I'm attempting to burn a disc for a friend who views the movies they watch on TV using AVI as their source selection.   They tell me this is what they select to play all the DVD movies they watch on TV.


      I've tried burning the clip as simply "DVD" but they claim it won't open.      I see no option to burn a disc as "AVI" so I'm not exactly sure what I'm missing.    I successfully burned other discs for folks with newer players (blueray, and HD) and they have no problem opening the disc I burned.


      Any suggestions on how I can overcome the AVI player?

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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There is no such option as disk to avi.

          Besides you cannot play an DV avi from Elements on a tv.

          It has to be divx or xvid or even a mkv which Elements cannot produce.

          Your friends probably use an usb stick or external media player.

          DVD holds mpeg2.

          Go to share/disk/dvd/ then the appropriate resolution.

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