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    OCR file naming


      I am wondering if I can use OCR (or any other tool with Acrobat Pro DC) for file naming when I scan documents. I have lots of documents to scan, and I need them to be automatically named using a specific field in those documents. I have been looking at the Adobe help for OCR for a while but could not find the answer. My guess is that it is not possible but I would like to be sure before moving forward and find an other software. Thank you.

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          CtDave Level 5

          I believe that you might be able to make use of Acrobat JavaScript for the task. You may want to consider asking the question over in the scripting forum.


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              Well, if you can't find anything else, there is a program called Bulk Rename Utility that will add or change names to file names. It has a search and replace function plus a number of other advanced functions that allows you to change or add names to your files in bulk. It has come in very handy for me.

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              try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              If the OCR process was successful, and the text you want to use for the new file name can be identified based on its location on the page (for example), then it's possible to use an Action and a script to do it, yes. However, it won't be able to actually rename the files, just save a copy under the new name.

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