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    Acrobat DC Pro takes several tries to export PDF to jpeg


      Hi There,

      I need to export PDF's into jpegs to load them into Autocad. While using Acrobat DC Pro, I open my PDF, choose Export PDF (both from the side menu and the File menu), choose Image -> jpeg, Export, choose the folder I want to save it in, hit Save, and nothing happens typically. It usually takes me 4 times doing this until it finally converts it to a jpeg. Then, if it's multiple pages, all of them but one will convert, Meaning I have to repeat the process again until it finally converts all of the pages. I have to convert dozens of pages in a day sometimes, so I lose whole work days to this problem. Has anyone else encountered this and do any of you have a solution? I called support today and they did a remote session, changed some things in my C drive, and still no luck. They actually gave their final answer as "you will just have to do it over and over again until it converts". I also uninstalled and reinstalled and still have the same issue. Help!!  And thanks in advance.