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    All new to flah, need advice on website

      I've read alot of stuff by now, and I just want to be sure if this is the correct way to build up a simple flash website. Keep in mind that the design isn't finished. But is this really how it should be done? Please check code etc.

      Link to flash document

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          Rigo2000 Level 1
          *bump* Please answer the question!
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            2m Level 2
            Your question is really hard to answer. Actually with evrything you do creativly there is seldom right or wrong, it might be that there are better ways to implement a concept, once you found it.

            Your approch might well work, I would nevr do it that way but I might be double your age, have a lot more of exorience than you with building sites, might be too old to be intovative, just plan boring, and don't even know what you you want to do with your website.

            I do consultations about building websites for a living (though not exclusivly) and before i would have answers for someone asking your question ther would be a lot of questions, general ones like:

            Who will be most likley be our audience?

            or special ones

            What techniques do you want to use for updating it (if you plan to update it at all).

            just to hint a two out of 100 questions that can come up.

            So if you want more helpful answers I'd start by explaing what you want to do with your site, tell us which decissons you already made, and with what decesions you are unsure. Than we can probably provide you with better answers.

            btw your thread seems to be better placed in the "Flash Site Design Forum."
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              Rigo2000 Level 1
              Well, what I really wan't to know is how to build up a side in essence, is the "technique" i've used the "correct", or are there other ways to do it? The jumping from frame to frame by butons, or could it be done otherwise?
              The design is something that I will figure out on my own, i'm a design major.

              And since you are talking about it, the updating part is also something i need some advice on.

              What I really need is advice on codes and the concept of flash.
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                2m Level 2
                So let’s try another approach ;-)

                Flash is a very powerful tool and it is unique in one way: Its use of the timeline appeals to designers like me you and me, and gives the possibility to create advanced interaction without deeper knowledge of programming. That is great and I’ve had a colleague once that did games without knowing anything about variables.

                Those games worked well looked very well and were fun to play – they don’t come any more correct than that.

                On the other hand some things are a lot easier to program with real programming and abstraction can really be helpful if things get complex.

                I assume when you speak of a website you want to build something like a conventional html-page based website in Flash.

                It can look much cooler, and you can have interactivity, animation and sound on it that just work.
                Once loaded there is no wait for new pages to load.
                Control over layout including fonts (Big point for a design major!)

                Harder to make accessible to search engines and disabled users.
                Making the Back button, book marking and other regular browser features work.
                You need the viewer to have the plug-in (over 90% have not too big a deal but still it keeps out some of them)

                You are doing you site by placing key frames on the timeline with animations between them (and a stop when a “page” is reached) that is a quite common and “correct” way to do it:

                Easy to do animations.
                Very visual even while working in the authoring environment
                Great control over the design at every moment.

                Even for small updates (correcting typos – a favorite of mine ;-) ) you have to go into the Flash Authoring tool (Have to have it if you’re not the only one working on it), and the visitor that comes to you site has to download the whole site again (Can use cache) afterwards.
                With bigger sites it will get confusing if the timeline grows too big.
                Adding new pages in the middle is hard or breaking the logic.

                Other way to make a site entirely in Flash could be:

                • Making scenes or (sub-) movie clips for each page. Making a framework that loads external swfs for each page
                • Building a framework that relies on external content in form of xml and loaded images.

                • Building a html page structure that loads swfs as main content for each page in a new html page.

                You can combine all of those in a million ways, even make Flash sites that do not have any design elements on the Stage of the authoring environment but only action script.

                And here I have a last smartass remark from an old man:
                Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, go a head the way you figured, and learn from your mistakes. I made sites that won prices and where great for the time and my level of experience, but from where I am now I wouldn’t do them anything like they are. (I built ****** ones too but forgot about them). Do it - use it – throw it away – Make it better –use it …

                The waste paper basket is one of the most powerful tools of creativity!
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                  Rigo2000 Level 1
                  Thanks for the answers, you really helped alot. I think I can figure it out now.
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                    A good read for another beginner..... Thanks!!!
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                      I took the answer of the OP more to like "OK, you tried, but now leave me alone with your know-it-all attidude".

                      I wouldn't have minded, because somehow I fealt a bit like that.
                      I really like to help but sometimes it is quite hard, for one I'm not as good in English as I'd like to be, and my typing has allway been a trouble. I'm more the type for sitting down together and talking it over.
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                        I'm glad I stopped to read this.
                        I was biding my time, waiting for a response to my own question when I read your response to the kid.
                        I was so tired and frustrated, I fantasized jettisoning my keyboard across the room and imagining how many pieces it would splinter into. Your so called "smartass remark" reminded me that I have, in fact, improved - I just have to wait out the times of frustration. Needless to say, my keyboard remains safely on my desk.
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                          Rigo2000 Level 1
                          No seriously, you helped me alot, i think i can make a site now!
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                            2m Level 2
                            I'm glad it helped, I just was under the impression that you were looking more for something like:

                            "It's great, take a darkre shade of gray and insert 5 frames before frame 23".

                            I don't konw why, may that is what I would have looked for if I was in your shoes and I knew my answer could never be "complet" unsless I'd write a book - and I promise I wont ;-)

                            Was a pleasure anyhow.