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    Page number positions

    danielh1429721 Level 1

      Is there a way to see where exactly my page number is with grid coordinates.  I want to make sure they are equal distance from the edge of the page on my book and not just eyeball it.

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Page numbers should normally be placed on a master page, and not on individual document pages.


          Use page guides to properly position the page numbers on the master page(s).

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            danielh1429721 Level 1

            Mine are on the master page.  where do i find page guides at?

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              Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

              Drag them out of the rulers. Show rulers first.


              To make page numbers correctly:

              1. If you have facing pages, set up your document with facing pages.
              2. When you plan to have full color pages or pages with images create a separate layer for the page numbers on top of all layers.
              3. Page Numbers have always to be OUTSIDE the page borders, give enough room to the area where you plan to make the page number appear.
              4. Draw a text frame for the page number outside the borders. Best practice is to snap the text frame to the border guides. This would allow to use Layout Adjustment later if you have to do global changes in your layout. Distances for the number to the living area (inside the border guides) should be performed via insets in the text frame options (cmd(ctrl+B)
              5. Insert the page number place holder mark into this frame. Apply a paragraph style. You can create paragraph styles with an alignment relative to spine or outside page edge. This helps to use a single paragraph style on left and right pages of a spread.
              6. Fix the frame properties you have done in an Object Style. So you can make changes very fast in changing the style. Include the Paragraph Style in the Object Style definition.
              7. Save this object in a (CC) Library. It will later allow the faster user of that element in new document. You need only to adapt it a little bit. It helps to name the styles the same for the same purpose, even if the will have different properties later.
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                Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Here's the InDesign Help file on ruler guides:



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                  Dan Rodney Adobe Community Professional

                  To see the X and Y positioning coordinates, you can select the text frames on the master page. Then look at the top left of the screen, where you should see X and Y in the Control panel.