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    NEF files suddenly unreadable in Lightroom

    nicole olivierb61863444


      I begins to works on pictures took with Nikon D90 (NEF files) some days ago.


      I renamed with Lightroom some of them and the pictures become unreadable with Lightroom (I can see them but not modify them or export them) and Windows file explorer (An message of error appear and I can’t see the pictures)

      I can read them with Fastone viewer and Nikon ViewNX.


      On picture you can see the sign ! that mean the files are unreadable and the French message “le fichier ne peut pas être ouvert dans Lightroom” mean “The file can’t be open in Lightroom”


      Lightroom problem 01.JPG

      Lightroom problem 02.JPG


      It seems the problem happen when I rename the photos because I can read and modify the files with old name but not the new name one.


      Could you help me to solve the problem and explain me what happen?


      Sorry for my bad English and I hope to be clear

      Thank you for your help