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    RAM usage with Flash Player 23 Beta ( - Not sustainable

    Crescent+Moon Level 1
      • Windows 7 Home SP1 (x64)
      • Firefox
        • Release (Version 48.0) - 32bits
        • Beta (Version 49.0b3) - 64bits with e10s
        • Nightly (Version 51.0a1) - 64bits with e10s
      • Flash Player version


      I found that Flash Player Beta leaks memory badly. No such issue with Beta. Reproducible with clean browser builds (Beta and Nightly tested only in repeat testing).


      I was watching Rio Olympics live streams  with, RAM usage was fairly steady. With, RAM steadily increased to 100% in about 30 minutes of steady streaming, completely used up the virtual memory until Windows started to shut down the browser.  Problem disappears after rolling back to Beta.