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    iPad Air 2

    ruscheles33049444 Level 1

      I think I speak for every Adobe consumer/ customer, client and investor when I say that in a time of urgency... getting in touch with Adobe has to be the most tedious thing ever!!! Having said that, I feel like Adobe hasn't made much of an effort to accommodate iPad Air 2 owners in regards to the Ink and Slide product. To my understanding this brand was launched in 2014 and people have been expressing their frustration with the product's compatiblity (with the Air 2); yet all I've seen so far from Adobe representatives is carefully constructed and company trained apologies that doesn't and will not fix the fact that we've spent quite a bit of money on a piece of equipment that flat out ruins your work. I'm curious to know if a solution is ever going to be developed for us iPad Air 2 users, because we should be valued and heard just like any other. A mere apology will not fix things, although I do admit that it will keep your "valued" customers quiet for a while. It's unfair and unacceptable that this issue hasn't been fixed in over two years! That's crazy! I'd love to heard back from someone who actually sympathises with our current situation because this is beyond what I call annoying. Not to mention that there are A LOT of us complaining... And complaints and queries are still being submitted in 2016! Seriously Adobe!?