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    ADE not displaying CSS Background-images correctly. Workaround, anyone?


      I make my own E-books (Epub3) in Dreamweaver.

      This problem appears in ADE for PC:

      If I make a Div containing a CSS Background-image, with no background-repeat, the Background-image repeats anyway in case of a page break inside the Div.


      I want the image to appear just once, at the upper left of the Div, like a little "logo". Messes everything up now when "logo" reappears at the top of every new ADE-generated page-break.

      I know there are other ways to achieve something similar... but it would be far less practical!


      This works as it should in Readium (PC), Gitden Reader (Android), iBooks (iPad). Seems to be an ADE bug!?

      Could this be addressed in a coming update? Or is there a workaround?


      CSS looks like this:


      .example  {

          background-image: url(../image/xmpl.png);

          background-repeat: no-repeat;

          background-size: 50px auto;