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    I've searched posts, but... color prints wrong!

    straightlife Level 1

      The first time I printed it from indesign, the colors came out right, but the background was too dark, so I did a gradient to make the top of the image brighter, since some text will be printed on there.

      The next time I printed it it came out with ALL colors totally weirded out. So the first image is a screenshot of the indesign page. The second image shows the initial print and then the print after I did the gradient.

      the layers are all RGB. 


      BELOW: The original (too dark) may have have printed cmyk, but the subsequent, bad one (TURQOISE!) was also printed out of indesign using default settings.




      Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 1.05.25 PM.png


      Photo on 8-13-16 at 1.33 PM.jpg