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    Revert to Wintab style Pressure Sensitivity?

    Spellbot5000 Level 1

      As many people know, using Windows Ink is not ideal on a Wacom tablet in Windows 10. Turning it on often induces lag in the tools used with the pen. Turning it off will fix the issue, but then you lose pressure sensitivity in Lightroom, and many other Adobe products. There is a workaround for Photoshop where you create a user preferences file, and add the line "UseSystemStylus 0". This tells Photoshop to revert to using the older Wintab style of pressure sensitivity.


      What I would like to know if there's an option like this for Lightroom? I know Adobe reps are aware of the issue, as there are many discussions where people talk about it and they are involved in the discussion, but then no answers are forthcoming. I'm hoping an Adobe rep can finally provide an answer on whether we can use a similar workaround for Lightroom, and how to do it?


      So Adobe, what say you?