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    monitor playback does not work


      I'm using adobe premiere elements 10 on win7 64-bit .. Monitor playback window doesn't work , also cannot get monitor playback to work when assigning output to my 3rd monitor .. as well


      I think Ive tried every option regarding video playback and cant get the monitor window to work properly. At most it just displays a still image while its in play mode.


      is there a solution to this ?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Without knowing more about your system it's hard to say -- but here's a place to start.


          First, go to the nVidia or ATI site and download the latest drivers for your graphics card.


          Then enable Show All Files in your Folder Options and go to C:/Windows/ProgramData/Adobe/Premiere Elements/10.0 and delete the BadDrivers.txt file, then restart the program. (If you have more than one version of Premiere Elements on your computer, you will find BadDrivers.txt in C/Windows/ProgramData/Adobe/Premiere Elements.)