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    Applying the exact same editing to two photos in Lightroom


      I put my camera on my tripod and take multiple photos with different exposure settings so that I can combine them in Photoshop via luminosity masks.



      Let's assume I have taken two photos (A & B) with different exposure settings in my lightroom.


      This is my work flow:

      1. Apply Lens Correction in Lightroom for A & B

      2. Apply Transform using my custom guides in Lightroom for A & B

      3. Export A & B as layers to Photoshop

      4. Apply luminosity masks and merge these two layers to a final image.


      Currently, I have trouble applying the exact same guides for step 2 because I have to manually draw these lines myself.


      Is there a way to apply the same settings for step 1 and 2 directly to two images?