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    Need Advice!


      Asking for advice. One month ago i prepaid a year Plan for Photographers. But already 1 August i wrote To Adobe Customer Service about problem with synchronizing my account with my apps. On my ID page was already no marks that i paid. But Assistant said that he see in system that i paid and my lisence is active till July 2017. Also he said that it will be hard to fix and offer me to make new ID and order new license till relevent team will work out to make FULL refund for my old ID. Assistant asured me that I will get refund in 5-7 days and I will get email from the relevent team. But nothing happened. So  I wrote to Customer Service again and Assistant answered me "I will forward the case as high priority and our back team is working on the issue. And will get back to you with in 24 hours." Already 4 days in a row im writing to Customer Service because everytime Im getting massage like "I will make sure our relevant will contact you with resolution with in 24 hours."  and  another Assistant writing same massage again, and again, and again.

      I live in a country where 119.88$ is a lot of money. Im getting same money for a month of work. That's why I cant make new order. Im all the time working with Photoshop and Lightroom. I decided to buy official copy of Adobe product. But already two weeks I cant work so im loosing money which I live for. My friends gets less problems with pirate copies than I get with official.

      I cant also download TRIAL version because of this all problems with synchronizing. Assistant  offered me to use another computer to download trial version. It's funny ofcourse but I don't have another computer.

      Trying to work legally but nothing working out. Is it fair? Adobe Customer Service helpless? Everytime they are telling me some fairytails with the reasons why they couldn't help me this or another day.

      Can anybody help me with advice? Does anybody knows what to do?