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    Lighroom (mac) quit unexpectedly on startup (Shift/option when starting does not fix it)


      I have been running Lightroom on my iMac without troubles for the last two years.  I have the latest version (Lightroom CC 2015, updated two days ago via Creative Cloud.  After a power-failure where my Mac died, the only program that is giving me problems is Lightroom.  I keep getting this message when trying to open LR:

      Here is the error code.

      I have tried starting my Mac (v. 10.11.6) in safe mode, I have tried starting Lightroom while holding down the shift/option key and chosing either "start normally" or "choose preferences", and all I get is the message shown above.


      I am going out on a new job tomorrow and I desperately need Lightroom to do my work.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.