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    Digital editions crashes instantly


      It has been two weeks ago that I purchased a book. I opened this ebook in Digital Editions (version 3.0) and then connected my Kobo Aura ereader. This resulted in a crash of the software, asking me if I would like to ignore the error, report it or try to reopen the windows. I tried everything, but I had to conclude that it is simply impossible to have my ereader connected and digital editions open at the same time.

      I then tried to install the newer version (version 4.5.2), which resulted in the same error and then used the oldest version available on the website 2.0.1, which worked: I could transfer the book from the software to my ereader, but the ebook is not readable on my ereader, it only displays a single blank page. I tried all kinds of things, removing the book, downloading it again, trying it on a different laptop and different ereader but I always end up with a single blank page on my ereader. However, it displays perfectly fine on in my iBook-program on my iPad and within Digital Editions, when I have disconnected my ereader.


      Can anyone help? I tried it with different books as well but somehow I only encounter this problem with this newest ebook, which is a pity as I would really like to read it...