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    How do I update v6.0 ?


      Hi.  Am a brand new user to Lightroom and have just installed standalone Lightroom 6 (v6.0 has been shipped).  The Help menu is not working and I understand that I therefore need to update to later (or latest) Lightroom version. (Not sure what that is - cannot find useful webpage to check - but  believe it might be 6.4 or 6.5? However, when I click through from "Updates" option under Help menu, no updates appear to be available.

      Questions I have are:

      1. What is latest update to v6.0

      2. How do I acccess it?

      3. Can it be used with my current Windows version (i.e Windows 7 Home Premium)  If not, what is latest Lightroom version recommended?

      Thanks for your help.