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    Sound Object and Media Display

      I'm creating a music player that uses xml generated from a database to load a song. One of the attributes of the xml is the path to the mp3 file. The attribute is stored in a generic object and is then passed as a function parameter. There's a lot of information i'd like to use from the id3 tags but the only object that supports them is the Sound object. I need the files to stream so they aren't cached onto the local system and have a media component to control playback.

      If I create a sound object and use the file path parameter in the loadSound method I can grab the id3 tags but the media component doesn't have control of playback and the files are cached.

      mySound:Sound = new Sound();
      mySound.loadSound(pathparam, true);

      If I just load the file path into the media component it starts playing right away and streams with the lovely built-in progress bar but I can't seem to access the id3s.

      mediaComponent.setMedia(pathparam, "MP3");

      Is there a way to load an actual Sound object into the media component so they will stream but also have access to the id3s? Thanks in advance for any tips!