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    What suggestions do you have, for improving ADE?


      I want to start a discussion where everybody can add her or his suggestions for improvements on adobe digital editions.


      - ADE 4.5 should work properly with Win 10 (and every other operating system, which is frequently used)

      - search function in library

      - being able to rename book titles and authors in general, because every publisher has his own system, forename and last name swapped or not, forename shortened, all in capitals or not, organization or sorting hence doesn't work. publisher name as well

      - more keybord shortcuts, you can only search in a book via pressing enter once for the first result, after that you have to use the arrow-button. feel free to add concrete suggestions!

      - show in "all media" in which shelf/shelves a book is

      - an area where you are able to check which devices are using your authorization - and the possibility to organise them, add and delete each device.


      Does anybody know a way to let the adobe team know about this discussion?


      My reason for starting this discussion: ADE is the only existing programm you are forced to use, if you want to read drm controlled e-books. It doesn't work at least appropriate, what maybe always happens, if you are a monopolist. But I'm sure, some smart people are working at adobe and would love to improve this mediocre programm. Maybe they need to know which problems they should fix.

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          @ https://helpx.adobe.com/acrobat/using/searching-pdfs.html

          There is a note stating:    If documents are encrypted (have security applied to them), you cannot search them as part of a multiple-document search. Open those documents first and search them one at a time. However, documents encrypted as Adobe Digital Editions are an exception and can be searched as part of a multiple-document search.


          I am doing advance search however those PDFs encrypted as Adobe Digital Editions are not included as part of a multiple-document search. How can I include these?

          The message is stating: "search has skipped 6 files because either these files are corrupt or you do not have permission to open them".