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    Lightroom mobile app must be open for CC to sync?


      I've started using Lightroom Mobile and uploaded > 600 images from my phone, which is to be synced to the computer and Lightroom CC.


      It seems that about halfway through downloading images to CC, no more images are synced. I check my cloud account and I see that all images are in the collection in the web pages (cloud).


      When I start the Lightroom app on my phone - the syncing then continues on my desktop CC install.


      Is it necessary for the Lightroom app to be open on my phone for CC to sync? Or is the issue that the mobile actually has not uploaded all images to the cloud - even if the cloud shows the correct number of images? So that even if the cloud page shows that there are > 600 images in my collection, it has not received all data yet and therefore the CC sync cannot continue?