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    Lightroom Bug: paging forward with videos in lightroom 6 doesnt work, freezes or returns to grid from loupe

    nahcr Level 1

      i am keywording thousands of short videos from people around the world in lightroom 6.  i have tried several scenarios to add one keyword to each video and rapidly page forward to the next one.

      First, I added a filter that shows only videos with no keywords in loupe view.  This would be perfect, but on almost every video, after I keyword it, the file either gets stuck so that I cannot play the video.  At other times, I am suddenly returned to grid view.

      Second, I removed the filter and used the forward arrow to move forward through the videos in loupe view while keywording. Sort sequence is set to Capture Time.  Every few videos (but not every video) the screen freezes, and i cannot move forward. the file name for the video i want to work on (the next video) shows on the screen but the actual picture shows the previous video that i just keyworded. I cannot play it.   i discovered that if i page backward, (that is if i use the arrow that points to the left), i return to the video i was working on, and then i page forward normally.


      (in addition in an unpredictable manner, sometimes if i use the spacebar, i play the video.  other times, i am returned to grid mode. this may be related to where i am in the keyword panel.)

      the image below shows the frozen screen where i cannot page forward and i cannot play the video.

      It appears that lightroom has several bugs in this process - is there any workaround?  How can i add one keyword to each file and move quickly to the next one without these annoying bugs?


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