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    How to perform actions after a certain amount of time?


      Hey, guys! I have a question that seems to have a rather simple solution, but no matter what i have tried, i haven't been able to achieve this desired effect... So, basically, i'm trying to make an intro for my YouTube channel. In my composition window, you can see a dark green background and 2 words with white letters. What i want to do is after the first word pops up on the screen, after a while, the second word comes from underneath and bumps into the first word, making it bounce a bit and return to it's original position. I know all the animating and stuff, but my issue is making the first word do the desired bounce after staying in the center of the screen for a while. Essentially, how to perform an action after a certain amount of time is my question. I've tried placing the bounce keyframe later than the rest, but all that does is it makes the word slowly float up... Can anyone help me with this?


      Thanks in advance!