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    Questions on saving catalogues, edits


      Hello - I save all my LR photos and folders to 2 back ups - each an external hard drive.

      I am going to be getting a new hard drive installed in my laptop so will have to re-install LR.

      My question(s) is:  will my photo ratings, edits, crops, folder names and importantly the catalogues' content be on those 2 external hard drives.

      I realize the photos are backed up but am wondering about the rest of the items above - especially the catalogues.

      thank you Discussions group.


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          Bob Somrak Level 6

          One thing you want to make sure of is that your backup drive you are restoring your photos from has the EXACT folder structure of your internal drive does now so all your photos are in EXACTLY the same place when you restore them.  This is extremely important!!!!


          As far as the ratings, etc these are in your catalog ( LRCAT) file.  Copy your LRCAT file to your backup drives and then restore the LRCAT file to the original place on your new internal drive.

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            kathyt.yyc Level 1

            Thank you for your informative reply.  I will circle back and relook at the folder structures.


            I have not saved my photos onto the internal - only a double save - ie to two external hard drives while importing off CF cards in LR.  I do all my editing from one of the 2 external hard drives.


            I will take some screen shots of the location of the lrcat catalogue file (249Kmb) and as well the lrcat journal so that they go into the same location on the new solid state internal h/d.

            Thank you for your v helpful information.  Glad I bought a new 5 tb back up h/d yesterday ;-).


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              Bob Somrak Level 6

              You have it easy then if you are saving your photos to the external.  The catalog LRCAT does not HAVE to be in the same place on your internal drive.  Just double click the LRCAT file and Lightroom should load and use it.  If you have not transferred the Preview files to the same location as the catalog than they will be rebuilt.   If this is a PC than the external drive should be the SAME drive letter that it was before.  If it is not than you can relink the files easily (repost if you are going to use a different drive letter).  If this is a Mac than the NAMED drives system makes this easy as you will not have to relink.