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    Stuck synchronisation between Lightroom on Mac and pics from mobile




      My Lightroom on desktop stopped syncing photos autoimported via Lr mobile on an iPhone a few weeks ago. It was always problematic, but now it's stuck completely. I've already applied the usual solutions suggested on other threads:

      • deleted the sync file (~/Library/Caches/Adobe/Lightroom/Sync Data/)
      • deleted all Lr Mobile data and re-establish the auto-import (on the phone) and sync (from computer)
      • updated Lr in the mean time.


      I do have space on disk, and the photos do sync between mobile and the cloud. The sync from desktop to mobile works.


      Any suggestions are welcome.


      PS1. I wanted to contact support, but the only online contact form is this forum or chat that's always offline for my country and/or timezone.

      PS2. Lr mobile seems to be really (suprisingly) unreliable. I've had various situations of single files not being able to sync. The sync from Lr mobile is ridiculously slow. Plus the app doesn't prevent the iPhone from going to sleep, so the sync is constantly interrupted, which drives me nuts.

      PS3. Fun fact: Lightroom 2.7 on my ancient, 7 year old PC did the same things as the version 5 (or 6). Hardly any new features. Surprisingly on my new laptop it works equally slowly.