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    Die Cut for pamphlet help?

    cindersteph Level 1

      So I've been tasked with creating a brochure for a client of mine and the idea I have is a little out of my expertise.

      The brochure would ultimately be set up as landscape A6. I'm working on InDesign CS6.

      What I want to do is have two flaps open from the center outwards with content on the front and back of each flap.

      The trick is the flaps need to be cut by the printers into the shape of human profiles.

      The logo of my client is that psychology trick of two faces or a vase. I have the logo as an Illustrator file. 




      I'm quite lost on how best to set up the InDeisgn document and also ensure that I've got a die cut in place for the printers to read.


      Any help would be super appreciated!

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          Danny Whitehead. Level 4

          It will be worth talking to your printer about this. They will probably give you the best advice and it may be specific to their working practices. They may even send you a template.


          What you'll probably need is a 297x105mm landscape document, with the die cut and crease on a separate layer, in a spot colour set to overprint (we use the name 'Cutting Guide' here). You can either create this in Illustrator and place it, or create it in InDesign. The cut (the two faces, facing outwards) should be a solid stroke and the crease (two vertical strokes in the centre of the page, 148.5mm apart and 105mm deep) should be dashed.

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            JointyJr Level 3

            Yep, like you said, like this




            I usually set up shapes like this in Illustrator and either place or paste into Indesign (really need that overprint switched on and cutter set as a spot colour as Danny says)

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