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    HELP!  Adding additional images to my lightroom catalog


      I'm having a brain fart!  I can't remember how to add additional files to my current lightroom catalog.  I've been processing images and realized there were about 90 that weren't currently in the group of files I was working on.  How do I add them without losing the editing that I've already done on the other images?



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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          Two ways-


          1. (and the best) IMPORT.  Click the Import button, set the "Source" as the folder with the additional photos, Set the method to "ADD", set option "Do not import duplicates". Click [Import] Only the photos that are not already in the catalog will be imported.


          2. With the folders panel visible, Right-Click the folder with the additional photos wanted, select "Synchronize Folder". This will open a dialog that will do an import of the additional files. Caution here!- This will also DELETE files you have flagged as 'Rejected'


          And why have these (90 odd) files not been in the catalog before? Ideally you should be indexing every photo in the Lightroom catalog (not being selective!).

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