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    UIScrollbar creates conflicts


      I've just a strange thing happening; I managed to succefully use a dynamic scrollbar, everything worked perfectly, but then, willing to add some UIScrollBars to my existing flash 8 site, I found that just the pasting (and immediate deleting) of the component on the scene would "corrupt" my programmation; some strange things would happen (incorrect load of external jpgs i.e.), any idea of what would be the cause and eventual solution?

      Tks for your advice & help
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          2m Level 2
          The solutioin should be deleting everything related to the ui-comp not only from stage but from the libeary too.

          The problem (I find most annoying) with v2 components is, that the break al regular depth management and introduce the (in my eyes) cumbersome textmanager.

          So essentially you should decide upfront if you want to juse version 2Components or will not ever, at least not afert having a considerably complex project.

          They are quite heavy in size, and not really easy to customize (in terms of looks) I mosly use them for building "boring" frontendt for adnimstring websites or stuff like that, the are helpfull there, but I don't like them for public placement in websites.

          my 2 cents
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            davidesieb Level 1
            Ok, thanks for your answer!
            So you think my problems are related to the depth management, that's it? Ok, but there must be a way of troubleshooting this, I guess... I'll try to figure out, tks anyway!