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    Draw with Adonit Pixel?


      The Adonit Pixel appears to pair with Draw on my Ipad Mini but works very poorly. The pointer is 5mm or more away from the tip of the stylus but even allowing for that the marks are inaccurate in placement and pressure changes are unpredicatable or not at all.


      I have downloaded and installed Procreate.and find that it works beautifully, proving that the problem is with the Adobe apps.


      I am doubly disappointed because I am an Android user frustrated that Adobe Draw and Sketch are still not available on my platform (my Creative Cloud membership costs the same but without the same level of service). I only bought the Adonit stylus to use with an iPad so I could access the Adobe apps - to now find that it doesn't work properly is ridiculous.

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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Amanda,


          I'm sorry you're having trouble with your stylus.  The team is working on improvements to stylus accuracy right now (I believe they'll be in the next update to Draw).  In the meantime, please check a couple of things:


          * What generation is your iPad mini (does it support Bluetooth LE)?

          * Have you connected the stylus via bluetooth in the Stylus menu in our app? The app makes some adjustments to the drawing position that can help with accuracy for thin-tipped styluses. .

          * Have you set your palm preference correctly for the stylus? The Palm Preferences in the Stylus menu lets you set right vs left handedness, and if it’s wrong you can get offsets.

          * Is the orientation on the iPad locked to a different orientation than the one you're holding it at? The corrections that the app makes for stylus position assume the orientation matches the way you’re holding the stylus.


          And, about our apps on Android... Adobe Draw is available for Android phones and some tablets and Capture CC is available for Android phones; you can get those apps in GooglePlay. In addition, we just released beta versions of both Comp CC and Photoshop Sketch for Android; you can get those by joining Adobe Android Apps - Community - Google+


          Hope that helps. Let me know what you find with your Adonit.



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            I pretty much had the same story. Bought the Pixel to use with my Adobe CC subscription including Draw and Sketch, but the app doesn't support the stylus yet. I'm wondering if you have a timeline for the update/new release of the app which will include official support for the Pixel? As of yet, the Adobe apps on here do not list compatibility with it http://www.adonit.net/jot-ready-apps/ which I can verify because I've tried it.


            I also just posted a question about this in the Sketch forums: Adonit Pixel stylus compatibility with Photoshop Sketch & Illustrator Draw?

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              Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)



              I noticed on your other post (Adonit Pixel stylus compatibility with Photoshop Sketch & Illustrator Draw?) that you're trying to use a new Adonit stylus.


              I'm going to check to see if we're going to be supporting that. I'll post as soon as I get the answer for you.



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                Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)



                I just checked with one of our engineers, who gave me a a prerelease version of this stylus and it's working on my iPad Air 2 in both Sketch and Draw. (He did wonder if perhaps something had changed since it was officially introduced, but didn't think that should be the case.)


                It sounds like maybe it didn't "connect," so I just wanted to check that you're seeing it in the Stylus menu after you connect it (in an open canvas, tap the Gear icon then Stylus, you should see it listed in the pop-up menu).


                Let me know.