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    setting foreColor for text sprites?

    Applied CD Level 1
      I’ve been using a behavior I wrote years ago to change the color of text on rollover and like everyone else that has gotten this to work, I’ve been changing the color of the member, not the sprite. The problem is that now I have multiple copies of the same member on the stage at the same time and I only want a specific sprite to change, not all of them. You should be able to change sprite(me.spritNum).foreColor, right? Not for me. Try attaching the following to a simple sprite, black text, white background, ink = copy:

      on mouseEnter me
      sprite(me.spriteNum).foreColor = color(0,0,255)
      end mouseEnter

      the text will always turn magenta. Doesn’t matter what color you specify or how you specify it (ie: using RGB values or pallet index), the text always rolls over to magenta. Can anyone explain how a text sprite’s foreColor relates to the actual color of the text?