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    How do I avoid creating duplicate images during import?


      I doubt this is the correct or best method of importing/organizing my photos, as it creates additional work which I would like to avoid.  So I'm looking for a solution.


      I do the following:

      • Copy all my photos from my SD card to my organized folders on my external hard drive. 
      • Open Lightroom and import photosfrom my external drive.


      What happens is that Lightroom  creates a duplicate image on my Mac in my Pictures folder. At this point, it references this directory and not my external hard drive. What I end up doing is deleting the images from my pictures folder.  Then I have to relink all my photos in Lightroom to my external drive.


      As you can imagine, this is becoming cumbersome to do this everytime I import into Lightroom.


      My idea situation is for Lightroom NOT to duplicate images or put them into any folder, but simply reference the ones I selected during import on my external drive.


      Any help would be very appreciated.