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    Flipping and Registration Points

      Say you have a movie-clip you dynamically added to the stage, either with createEmptyMovieClip or attachMovie. The registration point, by default, is in the top-left.

      A common way to flip it horizontally it is to negate the x-scale, or you can apply a transformed Matrix to it.

      In either case, the result is the same: the movie "flips" over the vertical axis (left edge). To get it to look like where it was before, you shift it over.

      But that breaks the co-ordinates! What was previously an _x value of, say, 20, is now something like 142 (depending on the width of the object).

      My question is: is there any way to flip a movie-clip in-place without changing its co-ordinates? That is, to make it flip, and look like it's in the exact same place, without the _x and _y values.

      I've tried _xscale and Matrix transformations; I'm also 95% sure you can't move the registration point on dynamically-attached movie-clips (to make it flip about the center), is that correct?