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    Lightroom no longer recognising iPhone6 to import photos-iMac El Capitan


      Hello, desperately looking for help. Adobe 'don't' offer phone support' for Lightroom apparently and I can't seem to talk to them about this issue.


      I recently upgraded to a new iMac running El Capitan. Previously I was using an old iMac running snow Leopard. I was always able to plug in my iPhone, Choose import and select the iPhone to import photos into Lightroom 3. Since installing all the same software and still using the same iPhone, Lightroom 3 now doesn't show me my iPhone when I plug it in to try an import photos. Of course, the iMac wants me to us Apple's Photos App which I don't want to use.


      I've looked on forums and found people suggesting to use different cables, other USB ports and I've tried all of this and still having no luck.


      Can anyone point me in the right direction to help troubleshoot this very frustrating problem please?


      Just to recap am using:

      Lightroom3\iMac with El Capitan\iPhone 6