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    Deleted element from master page reappears on book page...? Indesign CC 2015.4

    Johanna Figur

      I am working on a book in Indesign CC 2015.4 release. I use master pages. On book page 1, I used the master page, and altered it slightly by deleting one small element. 1. and 2. proof was ok. On friday, the deleted element from the master page on book page 1 suddenly reappeared...! I have not touched this page since the last proof a few weeks ago. The same thing happened to all the 1. book pages in 12 chapters (seperate documents)


      I chatted with Adobe support, who did not recognise the problem. They just wanted me to create a new master page for book page 1.

      I have always altered elements from master pages on book pages, when needed. Never had this problem before.


      Has any of you experienced this too?

      Any solutions?


      Thank you !