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    RH 11 Version Control with Sharepoint Not Restricting Project Access; Only Topic Access


      Help please. What am I doing wrong?


      We have RH11 and publish output as webhelp. Someone in the company gave me permission for a sharepoint site so I could implement version control, but we are having all sorts of trouble. I am not a sharepoint user, so I'm fumbling in the dark. My RH and Doc-To-Help version control experience is based on using a system someone else has already created for me.


      I thought this would be easy and sold my team on the idea, but now team members are overwriting each other all the time. We cannot seem to lock a project so that no one else can edit/overwrite. We get messages on a topic level that we do not have permission to work on them, but we want the entire project to be locked. Also, another team member keeps opening files from SharePoint site instead of from their local drive.


      Where is detailed information on best practices for setting up and using RH version control system with SharePoint? Are there options I need to turn on or off? Are there options on the Sharepoint side I should turn on or off? I need more hand-holding than I've found - thanks!