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    Offline Update Installers?


      The Adobe servers are painfully slow.


      NO, it is not the time of day, nor is it my internet connection.  I can download SW and updates from AutoDesk, Microsoft, etc. at roughly 10x to 20x the speed.


      Yes, I know about download managers.  I guess I'll try that for DL of Premiere Elements 14 base package, purchased together with PSE about a week ago.  If the PSE 14 base download is any indication, that will be an 8 to 10 hour task.


      That leaves a problem with patches.  Can Adobe please provide offline installer links from my account page, so I could have the patches for the software I paid Adobe for, without waiting for hours  for the update to complete?


      First need is the PSE 14.1 and Camera Raw 9.5 updates !



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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Starting from the Trials page, the Premier Elements 14 installer is 1.69GB.  It is taking me about 5 min to download from where I work in the central US.  Chrome is saying it’s getting 8-9MB/s download speed, that’s MBytes not Mbits.  My home internet is slower, and would take 5 times longer so 25 min.


          This is the starting page where I am downloading from and it is an offline installer:




          It’s unclear why things are slow for you but as of 3pm CDT in the central US, things are fast for me.  The server in the download URL shown in Chrome is trials3.adobe.com.


          If past history is any guide, PSE15/PRE15 are due out in a month or two.  For PSE, there is usually only one program update, early in the year after its initial release.  Not sure about PRE, as I don’t use that extensively.