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    2 loaders in same page

      Thank you for your help this is my problem :

      I have a website in flash that consist in one main page and links.

      some links open like a small text notice and stuff like small text.
      when i added my picture gallery it all got messy, in the main page i had a small loader which does work perfect . but when i linked my picture gallery to it it just wouldnt fir it will blow up like 10 times more.

      So this is what i did i created another loader in the same main page exclusevly for the image gallery a little bigger and now it works fine.

      my problem is this now if i click on one link using loader#1 it shows text .
      And when i click on another link using loader #2 it displays my pictures but the old text remains.

      Is there a script i can use to clear the one loader data when i open the other one ?? and viceversa ?? if so i can finally have my site completed.

      If not and i HAVE to use only one loader... how do i keep my flash from getting blown up in dimension ???

      thanks for your help .........