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    embedding a quicktime movie

      hi, i'm struggling to load a .swf with an embedded quicktime mov into my flash page using the preloader + loader components in flash mx 2004!

      i've followed the help: "To create an application with the ProgressBar component in event mode:..."

      the loader works but the sound in the embedded mov starts playing before the visuals - pls help!!!

      this is the code on the 1st frame of the original SWF to load the SWF with the embedded .mov:

      loader.autoLoad = false;
      loader.contentPath = "graphics/sponsjan_clip.swf";
      pBar.source = loader;
      // loading does not start until load() is invoked

      and here's the final page: http://www.thebornkreative.com/promo/SponsJanBlokBroekies.htm